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NORDIC nRF51822 Link : http://www.nordicsemi.com/eng/Products/Bluetooth-R-low-energy/nRF51822

NORDIC에서 만든 Cortex-M0 기반의 Bluetooth 4.0 Single Mode Chip으로 대체적인 사양은 아래와 같다.

 Single chip, highly flexible, 2.4GHz multi-protocol device

 32-bit ARM Cortex M0 CPU core

■ 128/256KB flash 16KB RAM

 Supports Bluetooth low energy protocol stacks

 Thread safe and run-time protected

 Event driven API

 3 data rates (2Mbps/1Mbps/250kbps)

■ +4dBm output power

■ -93dBm sensitivity, Bluetooth low energy

■ PPI system for maximum power-efficient applications and code simplification

■ Flexible power management system with automatic power management of each peripheral

■ Configurable I/O mapping for analog and digital I/O

Bluetooth 4.0 Stack 으로는 NORDIC에서 제공하는 S110 (Peripheral) / S120 (Central) 을 사용한다.


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